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Do you often find yourself mentally drained and speaking or acting harshly to your children/loved ones? Do you feel like you’re doing the best you can but it just doesn’t seem good enough? Or maybe you feel like you’re not showing up as your best self and desperately want that to change but don’t know where to start? You are not alone! Now more than ever many people are burnt out and bogged down with far too much stress and not nearly enough support.

At Rise Counseling & Wellness Group, we use a compassionate but direct approach in our work together to empower you to move through life’s challenges with the support you need and deserve. In individual therapy, your therapist will be your guide to work through thoughts or past experiences that might be holding you back.

We specialize in working with mental health/substance abuse professionals, teenagers/young adults and parents/caregivers of young children. We also offer virtual and community based mental health education and support groups. Contact us today to learn more about which program would be the best fit for YOU.

It’s time to RISE and shine!

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