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About the team


Jess O'Neil, LCPC NCC
Board Approved Supervisor

I'm glad you're here! My name is Jess and I am the owner of Rise Counseling & Wellness Group. I have been in the mental health field for over 12 years in a variety of different settings.

I am passionate about working with couples, parents/caregivers of young kiddos, professionals in the helping field, and athletes.

My goal is to help lessen your mental load so you can RISE to your full potential at home, work, and/or on the playing field.  I operate from a trauma-informed approach and utilize EMDR, a treatment for trauma and stressor-related disorders, when appropriate.

I sincerely believe meaningful personal and professional growth occurs when we feel safe to be our genuine selves. Whether we are working through past traumas, current life circumstances, or future goals you can expect our meetings to be full of personal reflection, support, relief, and some humor/sarcasm when appropriate.

 In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, hiking, biking, running... really anything outdoors! And as a busy parent myself, I also love nothing more than a good cup of coffee.


Casey Headshot.jpg

Casey Theriault, LCSW-C
Licensed to practice in MD & PA

Hello my name is Casey. I have been a therapist for about 7 years and in the human service field for over 20 years. I enjoy gardening, spending time with family/friends/pets and being outdoors in general. I come from a southern background which explains my therapeutic style. I am very personable but also very direct. I do not "sugar coat." 

I am LGBTQ+ affirming and hold a strong belief that everyone has a right to choice! 

I work mostly with adults & couples who are coping with the impact of trauma related stressors, OCD, depression, anxiety and professionals dealing with compassion fatigue. I pull from a few different styles of therapy to include solution-focused, CBT, and supportive counseling.

Kari Headshot.jpg

Kari Shumaker, LCPC

Hello! I'm Kari and I am the kiddo whisperer here at Rise. It helps that I'm a kid at heart and love baking, crafts, escape rooms and spending time with family in my free time.

I enjoy working with children & adolescents struggling with excessive worries, feelings of sadness/isolation, and/or difficult behaviors at home/school. Like my colleagues, I tailor my treatment approach to the specific client I am working with. I am trained in CBT but also use a client/family-centered approach to help increase positive interactions at home and school. I keep my sessions fun and engaging while also making sure there is a therapeutic purpose within each activity.


Merrideth Wile, lgpc

Hi there, I’m Merrideth!

I love cooking, gardening, snuggling with my cats and spending time in
nature with my husband and dog, Jellybean! After a career change from the beauty industry a little over 6 years ago,

I found myself called to the counseling profession. I take a client centered
approach and pull from a variety of sources to help navigate life transitions, depression, anxiety
along with anything else that life may throw your way.

I am LGBTQ+ affirming and welcome
everyone to be their genuine selves for their personal growth.

I look forward to working through
your individual journey together.

RISE on black.png

Jenn Lewis, LCSW-C

Board Approved Supervisor
licensed to practice in md & wV

Hi I'm Jenn. I've been a self-proclaimed "nerd" since birth; I'm very creative, enjoy painting, sewing, jewelry making, Cosplay/Anime, and watching those true crime shows on the ID channel like every other therapist/social worker.

I particularly enjoy working with neurodiverse adolescents/teen and adults on acceptance, unmasking, and self esteem as well as individuals looking to resolve past trauma or explore avenues to safety, resilience, and increased self esteem. I have extensive experience working with Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence, the LGBTQIA population, Substance Use, and Women's issues. In addition to being licensed to practice and supervise LMSW's & LGPC's in MD & WV, I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.

RISE on black.png

Louis Morlier, LCSW-C

Great to meet you! My name is Louis. I have been in clinical practice since 2018 and previously worked with victims of human trafficking and exploitation. I have experience working with clients of all ages dealing with trauma, grief, and anxiety. I am trained in EMDR and believe it’s important that my clients
feel heard, understood and have a safe place to "unpack" your concerns. My approach begins with genuinely listening to my clients and creating an environment where you can be vulnerable and supported. You have a
right to heal, grow, and be happy and I am honored to be a part of your healing journey.


John slick, lgpc

Hi there! I'm John, and I'm so glad you're here! I believe people change and grow when they're able to find meaning and purpose in their lives, and I believe the best way I can help with that process is through an honest, supportive, and collaborative relationship. I am passionate about helping people become more authentic versions of themselves, and I hope that in our work together I can help support you while you find the version of you that you want to be! I love helping adult clients work through past traumas and am trained in EMDR, a modality particularly useful in working with trauma and stressor related disorders. I also enjoy working with clients on issues related to parenting, relationships, and adjusting to new life circumstances. In addition to EMDR, I operate from a person-centered approach and also utilize Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy to help people become more aware of the motivations behind their thoughts and actions.
Aside from my passion for being a therapist, I love spending time with my family, get way too invested in the Orioles and Golden State Warriors, and consume every piece of Star Wars content I can get my hands on. In my past career, I was a music teacher, and so I still love to play and work with other musicians whenever I can. I am so looking forward to meeting you and walking alongside you in your journey to a better you!

Alice Headshot2.jpg

Alice Kinsey, LCPC

Hey there, I'm Alice!

I enjoy helping others and have done so in a variety of settings and roles for the past eight years. While I am a middle school counselor by day, I enjoy working with older teens and adults in the evenings. My experience with the school system gives me a unique perspective to help parents find information and resources to support themselves and their children. The beach, swimming, reading, puzzles, and being with my dogs, family, & friends gives me a sense of calmness and relaxation in my free time.

I work with clients to help them navigate all that life throws at us. Whether these challenges stem from family, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting, or school/work, I operate from a solution-focused approach while "digging deeper" when needed. My purpose is to validate your experiences in a judgment-free zone. Everyone has a voice and my goal is to help you find and use it!


Ijee' Ragin, lgpc

Hello! My name is Ijee`!
Aside from my passion for being a therapist, spending time with family and friends, my two dogs, Ellie and Enzo, creative journaling, Baltimore sports, anything true crime (I’m
a crime junkie like Jenn!), anything lakes and mountains as well as clothing and fashion are all things I love and enjoy!
Teenagers and young adults are my thing! I really enjoy working with the LGBTQIA+
community and I am a gender affirming therapist. I love to help bridge the
communication gap between kiddos and their guardians! Along with the LGBTQIA+
community, I also enjoy working with anxiety, depression, ADHD, family issues as well as adjustment issues through a client-centered approach. I also pull from a solution-focused approach when necessary as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).
I have a realistic and upfront approach and hope for my clients to feel as though they
are in a safe space where they can discuss anything and everything and that their
feelings will be validated. I prioritize building rapport at the start of therapy to build a trusting relationship that will allow my clients to grow and heal. I look forward to working with you through your growing and healing journey!

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